Kick-Start Customer & Client Acquisition

Inbound Marketing Services for Business Owners Who Want to Grow

Who It’s For

We love working directly with business owners of small to medium sized companies.

→ You’re the business owner or decision-making executive of a small to medium sized business who understands that a strong internet presence is essential to growing your business.

→ You’re capable of funding and sustaining a web presence, and you have in-house support to execute but might not have the expertise.

→ You have a consultative sales process, or your average customer lifetime value is high and purchases are only made after careful consideration

→ You’re an established company with a proven business model and have existing brand value in the marketplace.

→ You have the courage to make changes in how you represent yourself online, so you can better meet your customers’ needs.

Here Are the Services We Offer

#1. We can do it all for you.

We provide inbound marketing and inbound SEO services to clients who want results. We’ll completely take care of strategy creation, execution and implementation so you don’t have to.

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#2. We can be your “inbound marketing manager” working alongside your team.

We can provide coaching, training and guidance to your team and tell them exactly what to do (and when to do it). You can get back to running your business, and we’ll take care of everything else.

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#3. We can provide speaking & training.

We also provide speaking and training on a limited basis. You’ll get new, innovative strategies and tips on the industry’s most important topics.

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What Clients’ Have Experienced

“Our online revenue has increased significantly. In addition the number of website visitors have increased and they now spend more time on our website. Numerous customers have complimented us on our website design and navigation system.”

“Once we adjusted the design and content to Brad’s recommendation this has attracted more people to book with us directly. Also SEO optimization has driven new visitors to our website and made them aware of our product. We were able to target the right customers.”

“Brad was very efficient and very easy to get in contact. I appreciate that he delivered on more than was requested. Finally I admire his patience on explaining each concept. This is quite a technical field and so some areas are difficult to understand at first.”

– Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive Director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group