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Video Tutorials

See exactly how to create, fix or improve your marketing with our exclusive, premium video tutorials. I plan on going more in-depth over the next few weeks to show you step-by-step techniques to use.

Digital Marketing Strategy

3 Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Social Media

How to Start Using Google+ for Your Business


How to Quickly Get High Quality SEO Traffic with a Long-Tail Strategy

Content Marketing

How to Create and Promote Business-Generating Content

[NEW!] Analytics

How to Tell if Your Marketing Will Succeed (Or if You’re Wasting Your Time)


Mini-Course #1: Content Creation Blueprint

Online marketing can’t exist without content. No SEO. No social media. No email marketing.

But not just any content. There were 181 million blogs at the end of 2011. That number will easily double in the next few years. There’s too much noise. So you need exceptional content. The kind that stands out from the crowd and gets noticed. And the kind that actually sells something.

  • Week One – Content Marketing Strategy: How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy that Will Support Your Business Goals and Make You Money
  • Week Two – Finding Topic Ideas: The Best Ways to Find Topic Ideas that People Will Love
  • Week Three – Using Proven Templates: How to Quickly Create Content Using Proven Templates
  • Week Four – Creating Your Content: How to Create Content to Get Traffic, New Leads, and Satisfied Customers

Click here for the Content Creation Blueprint mini-course.

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