About FixCourse

Brad Smith

FixCourse shows companies how to fix their marketing, get back on track, and acquire more customers & clients through the best tools on the market.

It was created by me — Brad Smith — with the purpose of showing business owners how to grow and scale by using digital, inbound marketing.

I’m a marketing strategist who’s been featured in well known online media properties like the New York Times, Business Insider, Read Write Web, and hundreds more. I’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries, from tiny start-ups to billion dollar enterprises.

I also have an MBA & BA in marketing and years of in-house experience. (So I’m not a “make money online” mastermind who will spam you with business opportunities or affiliate products. Nor a “social media guru” who drones on-and-on about loving everyone.)

I like growing brands. And I want to grow yours. Click here to see how we can help you get more customers & clients.

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What Inbound Marketing Is (And How it Works)

Here's how inbound marketing compares to traditional outbound marketing and advertising.

Inbound marketing involves:

  • Promoting a company through content (such as articles, podcasts, video, email marketing, webinars),
  • Optimizing that content for a specific audience, and distributing it through various online marketing channels (including search engines, email lists, blogs or media publications, and social media).

The goal is to capture attention, nurture leads, and increase client or customer retention, referrals and re-purchases.

This style of marketing is more cost effective than traditional “outbound” marketing (which typically includes cold-calling/telemarketing, direct mail, and mass-media advertising) because:

  1. Consumers are increasingly ignoring or avoiding most forms of outbound marketing because of it’s aggressive style and pervasiveness (over 2,000 messages per day).
  2. Consumer attention is “fragmented”, meaning there are more potential channels and options for consumers today (compared to the golden days of television advertising on only a few channels).
  3. Finally, the convenience and cost effectiveness of shopping or looking for information (while sitting in your pajamas on the couch) through search engines, blogs and social media outweigh the traditional options of trade shows and billboards.

Our inbound marketing consulting services will make significant improvements in the way you attract, nurture, convert, and retain clients and customers. Here’s what you’ll get when working with us:

Marketing strategies that align, support and drive your business goals
Increased brand awareness and thought leadership so you can charge premium pricing
Designing a marketing funnel that delivers sustainable, month-after-month growth in leads and loyalty
Customized processes and systems to automatically increase leads and conversions
Significant, measurable improvement in your entire digital marketing presence

The FixCourse Philosophy: 10 Core Marketing Values We Believe In

  1. Marketing starts with your service or product. No amount of gamesmanship or tricks can help if that falls short.
  2. Marketing isn’t a department, and it isn’t advertising. It’s every single part of your company that customers come into contact with.
  3. Building thought-leadership is the best marketing strategy you can always choose. It builds awareness, trust, differentiation and higher perceived value at the same time.
  4. Use an “inbound”, digital marketing strategy. Because it scales better and costs less over the long-term.
  5. The goal is to increase revenue. Not vanity metrics like Twitter followers or SEO keyword rankings.
  6. Great marketing is systematic, consistent and repeatable. It doesn’t rely on “buzz” or one-off lucky breaks.
  7. Great marketing is integrated and sequential. A series of steps, each one building on the last until you have a “marketing funnel” that transforms strangers into loyal clients and customers.
  8. Focus on the lifetime value of a customer — not just a one-time sale or new leads.
  9. Direct-response marketing yields the best returns. Branding comes as a by-product of keeping your promises.
  10. Do less, but do it better than anyone else. Because there’s a growing disparity between average and excellent.