3 Content Mistakes that are Killing Your Social Media Results

“Content marketing” is one of the latest buzzwords.

But content has been integral to marketing for years. Companies like Coca-Cola have been using content-driven marketing for as long as anyone can remember.

Online, you need to make sure that you’re not only conveying your message but also hitting your goals. Was your headline interesting enough to reach a big audience? Or was the copy intriguing enough to drive a higher CTR?

The obvious problem here is that if your content isn’t good, then it will hurt your other efforts.

Your SEO will struggle because no one will link to you. Your PPC ad won’t perform well because people don’t click on it. And your social media presence will languish in obscurity because no one engages with it.

(You know what they say… if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.)

Here are 3 content mistakes that are killing your social media results.

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5 Sales Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie

Here are 5 sales mistakes that make you look like a rookie.

Selling something intangible, like services, is incredibility difficult.

It takes a lot of skill to convey how you deliver value. And it takes a lot of nuance to be able to communicate that value over and over and over.

But many times, we are our own worst enemy.

We sabotage our efforts — knowingly and unknowingly — to win business by taking any work, from any client, at any cost. Trouble is, that type of behavior can only get you so far. In the long run, it’s the single-biggest reason for failure.

Here are 5 critical lead generation and sales mistakes (and how to avoid them).

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How to Sell When You Suck at Sales

A few weeks ago I ran a short market research survey to find out more information about my readers.

And the results were surprising.

The #1 problem — by far — was about generating more leads for your services. And the 2nd biggest problem or pain point? Selling those services.

I can completely empathize, because for years I always felt insecure or uncomfortable selling my services. What’s even worse, after 4 years as an undergrad and 2 more in my MBA program, I only took ONE class in sales. (Yet I had COUNTLESS classes in a variety of other topics that I’ve already forgotten.)

So over the next few weeks we’re going to go deeper on lead generation and sales. And I’m presenting a brand new webinar based on my own experiences and techniques. It’s specifically designed for service professionals and firms to find out how to generate new awareness, leads and sales for your service business.

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Wednesday, November 13th from 1pm – 2pm PST

There are three things we’re going to focus on to improve lead generation and sales.

  1. Pick the right target
  2. Choose the right positioning
  3. Use the right weapon

(I’m also going to use a hunting analogy to provide concrete examples. But don’t be offended, because in reality I’ve never even shot a gun before. So please, nobody go all PETA on me.)

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How to Escape Pricing Pressure by Selling the Experience

Walmart, Deep Discount Detail

Pricing is one of the most important, yet least understood concepts in marketing.

And it’s rarely talked about online (because I guess talking about Twitter is more fun than making money).

This is a problem.

Because almost every single business — especially retail, product ones with a physical location — compete on price. They’re under extreme pressure, and often use discounting as a way to drive demand.

But discounting is a race to the bottom.

Instead, they should be selling the experience. You can buy a shirt, pants, or shoes anywhere. You can even buy them online while sitting on your couch.

People don’t go to a mall or fashionable shops to get the lowest price clothes. If price is the biggest consideration, then they will use Amazon or head to Walmart.

People go to a store for the experience. They want to feel aspirational. They want to touch things and try them on.

Here’s how you can escape pricing pressure by selling the experience.

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Why Your Marketing Shouldn’t Be “Creative” (And What to Do Instead)

Cirque Du Soleil @ Marina Da Glória

Cirque du Soleil was founded by two Canadian street performers in 1984. If you’ve never seen a show, then it’s been described as a mix between a circus and theater performance.

Since their opening, Cirque shows have been seen in over 271 cities, employ over 4,000 people and make close to a billion dollars each year.

Not bad, considering every show is basically the same.

The same tricks, the same theatrics, and the same vague storylines. But re-imagined in fun, interesting ways that are endlessly entertaining (no matter how many you’ve seen).

Cirque du Soleil takes something widely understood — like the daring feats from the circus and the emotion from a play — and changes it ever so slightly.

Each show has wildly different characters and themes. But each performance has the same acts (more or less). They stick to a winning formula. Yet provide new context to re-frame the issue.

Most people believe the arts — like singing, dancing, acting, writing, and others — are innate, natural talents. You’re either born with it, or you’re not.

I disagree. (Read the excellent Talent is Overrated for empirical evidence.)

But mainly, it’s because the illusive, intangible ingredient known as “creativity” is largely a myth.

Here’s why.

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How to Cure Low Sales by Increasing Customer LTV

Hotel Tonight is a mobile hotel booking application that allows users to make same-day reservations in over 1,500 hotels at low, last minute prices.

Good for the consumer because they get a good deal. And good for hotels because they salvage their expiring, unused rooms.

Sam Shank, co-founder of Hotel Tonight told This Week In Startups that based on survey data, 91% of guests are new.

That means Hotel Tonight is a powerful new channel for hotels looking to reach new customers. But it gets better.

Hotels (anecdotally) have told Sam that not only are these consumers influential (as early adopters who broadcast to everyone else), but they are also spending more money on property.

So they’re able to recover prices on additional offerings like food and beverage. Or they can get these new customers in their loyalty programs and get them to make another reservation in the future.

Which is the first step to significantly increasing revenue at any company.

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Why Media Companies Are Going Broke (And What We Can Learn from It)

Newspapers B&W (4)

Want to find out how to improve your website?

Step #1. Go to any major news or media website.

Step #2. Look at what they’re doing.

Step #3. Immediately do the opposite.

Because most media companies purposefully create a bad user experience — even though the goal of a media company’s website is to provide a nice user experience so we consume more content and stay on their site longer.

Here’s why, and what we can learn from their stupidity.

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